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On-Site Engraving


At Buffalo Custom Engraving we are proud to offer the ability to engrave directly on-site on a multitude of materials.  These materials can range from stone and rock to sidewalks and walls. 


We can put your logo directly onto the concrete in front of your business or right on the floor inside your business.  We can put a quote, a poem, a phrase, names, numbers and images anywhere on a patio or driveway. 


The only size restriction that we have is the size of the surface you want engraved.  As long as you have a predominantly flat surface, we can permanently engrave whatever you like on to that surface. 



How much would an on-site engraving cost?


The cost for on-site engraving is determined by the complexity and creation time of your design, the size of your design, and the amount of time it takes to do the actual engraving. 


All of these combined with an up front cost to get the engraver where it needs to be go into the calculation of the final cost.  If you are interested be sure to get in contact with us and we can give you an estimate for your project! 



What materials can you engrave into?


The list of possible materials that can be engraved is extensive and includes a majority of stone or concrete type surfaces as well as wood, epoxy, resin, and some metals.  If you are curios if the material you want engraved would work be sure to contact us! 



What kind of designs can be done?


The only limitation on designs is what you can think of and the size of the area to be engraved.  The larger the area that is going to be engraved, the more detailed the image can be, and the smaller the area the less detail that can be done. 


We are limited by the size of the bit and can not create designs and lines that are smaller than the router bit itself.  Wood can get more detailed while concrete and stone tend to be less detailed on smaller areas. If you have an idea and need a design to fit that idea, we are capable of creating one for you and making sure that it fits the idea you have in your head.  

How far away are you willing to travel to engrave a surface?

Distance is of no issue (with a few exceptions).  The farther the engraver and the crew needs to travel, the larger the initial travel and set up cost would be, but travelling long distances to get a job done for someone is something we are more than willing to do. 


For more information about the on-site engraving be sure to get into contact with us so that we may answer any of your questions.



How long does an engraving take?

Each engraving will take different amounts of time depending on a couple of factors such as size, depth, intricacy, and the number of times that the engraver itself has to shift in order to accommodate that size of the engraving. 


An engraving can take anywhere from under an hour to well over 30 hours, and this all depends on the factors listed above.



Can I get this service as a homeowner?

Absolutely.  If you have something you want engraved right at your house we are ready and willing to do that for you, this is not a service that is limited to large business or companies that want large projects done.  We offer this service to people who want whole murals done as well as the person who wants their name and address placed in the walkway to their front door. 


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